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Gifts & Novelties

Hand crocheted exclusives from Terrena

More  hand crocheted exclusives from Knotty Mrs Smith & her Minions … 

~100% cotton “Face Scrubbies” are 100% adorable and a welcome addition to any bathroom vanity as a functional  work of art to be displayed! And at $1.50 each or 4/$5 they are a must have for everyone! 

~ Beautiful and long lasting cotton wash cloths in a variety of style and colors. $4 each

Cotton hanging “Soap Saks”  in various styles and colors are also a great addition to the Tub/Shower and a beautiful way to keep the usually elusive bar soap handy and make that residual clump of remains stuck to the shower shelf or side of tub a thing of the past! At the affordable price of $5  and extension of the usable life of the bar of soap itself (new bar included in price) it pays for itself over and over! 

Gorgeous cotton “Spa Sets”  in a variety of colors and combinations are a fantastic gift for any occasion and for yourself as well!! Priced at $10 per set and below what a steal of a deal! 

~ last but definitely not the least is a new stock of her exclusive one of a kind and ever popular “Drink Mitts” just made available in new colors and sizes … including the “Squatch Mitt”  = fits regular sized cans and Sasquatch sized hands! Prices from $13 to $25. Great for using now on these crazy winter days, spring & fall and with various in thickness and materials even appropriate for cool summer nights …so stock up while supplies last for your family.  Christmas gift giving or any occasion  … they are a never miss gift! 

Continue browsing for more featured items from our Gifts, Novelties and Pets selections.

One of a kind high quality hand crafted from sourcing to stitching by “The Fur Guy”.  This will keep you warm on the coldest of days and be a unique conversation piece at all times.

Only 1 more available at time of posting.

(pictures posted with permission of this happy customer and his purchase) 

Drink Mitts.
Pony Tail Beanies 2_edited
Pony Tail Beanies
Toilet Timers 2.jpg

Unique gifts under $20.


Eliminate procrastination &  frustration and increase efficiency and laughter  with any or all these fun “toilet timers”.  Like the sands in an hour glass , so passes the days of our lives so get off the thrown and get on with it!

Get your beloved Fur Baby ready for winter with this warm stylish puffer parka!! (Only one available at time posted)


And what Fur baby doesn’t deserve a Halloween themed bandanna hand crafted for its collar to go through it… no more tieing and untiring knots ! How convenient and easy to change out to wash and or change fashion. 

Several sizes and styles to choose from (pictured on this page ) but hurry they are going fast! 

(Stuffed Rhino not for sale) 

Fur baby bandannas in various sizes and styles from Bling to Patriotic , Halloween to Hipster and many styles in between! 

Hand crafted for ease of quickly putting on & taking off by running collar through the sleeve! 

Excellent for washing and changing out styles . 

Limited quantities so don’t miss out! 


What better place to enjoy these quirky and USEFUL metal signs than in your She Shed, Man Cave or anywhere good cheer is served and appreciated! ( only 1 of each available at time of posting ) 


For the Casino lover’s theme dream ..

Perfect for Game room , man cave wherever the thrill oh “hitting it big” is wanted .  What a cool gift idea as well! 

Pictured From left to right: 

Ceramic Cookie Jar (cookies distributed from the winning chute) - locally made,

Ceramic  Bank of the Excalibur Casino (Made in ________) 

Working One armed bandit. Pays out quarters when you hit bars, etc.


Money Bag Plaques

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