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Say thank you to a Veteran you know or one you've just met … to that family member, neighbor and/or friend… to any of the many who are or have served our country to protect our freedom & way of life and to aid others and a thank you for their sacrifice  and that of their families left behind. 

Although we can never truely repay the cost of what they have and are giving  these coins (in acrylic cases) let them know we acknowledge and are grateful to them. 

On sale for $ 4.99

Whether you are an avid hunter, hiker or just want that added sense of safety for you and your family/children… this whistle is a great addition to your gear, emergency kit, bug out pack,  glove box or on your person/kids on an everyday basis. 

It has a compass on one side and a temperature gauge on the other and makes a loud sound to alert for help, for location when lost and to scare animals away be they2 legged or 4. 

Great investment especially at 

Only $4.99

High quality Detailed  metal pocket watch FOBs for keychain, purse, backpack , carryon suitcase, etc in the perfect size and a nice bronze finish. Available as a camera, a guitar and a vintage Rolls Royce. Well worth  $4.99 each 

Nordic/Viking inspired 2 sided metal medallion pendants on braided leather cords with adjustable metal extensions and clasps. 

Great gift for that man in your life, young or wisened with years, for yourself or all the above. 

Definitely affordable at only $10.00 each. Sold elsewhere for $20. 

Other styles available. There are only 1 of each style so hurry in to get yours. 

Now you can ensure that a  cat nap anywhere will never be a slave to a cellphone battery with this cute little FOB for purse, back pack or key chain because it is an actual working alarm clock! Attach it to your cabin, Camper or boat keys and leave your cell at home … try “off the grid” for peace of mind.  $5.99 (battery included)

A perfect gift for those special Mom & Daughter moments …. Sentimental words on a keep sake card and those sage words of wisdom she will have at hand daily! 


Ever have one if those days…..

“ Mom’s Last Nerve” scented soy candle is a warning to your family and a great gift for a friend


Start your day with a giggle and let others know how you really feel LoL 

Great gift option 

Only $14.99 

Now you can watch your video content on “TV” with this cool retro style 12”screen amplifier or get top ratings on the gift giver chart! 

Only one left at time of posting so call or stop in today… in mahogany wood grain finish. 

On sale for only $19.99…

What a cool way to bring music alive or listen to the latest video, etc than with this Retro look thats all the rage for any age! That this compact Bluetooth speaker anywhere or take up little space in a small place on your desk or in your home, cabin or camper! 

And at only $19.99 it takes very little out of your entertainment budget too! 

Super cool “coin” sized Bluetooth speakers for sound in the most inconspicuously of places for the small change price of $6.99

What a uniquely stylish way to carry your cell! 

Sizes still Available for iPhone 13, iPhone 14,  iPhone 14 plus. Regularly $7.53 now on sale for $5.00 while supplies last.

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