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Spa & Meditation *

More  hand crocheted exclusives from Knotty Mrs Smith & her Minions … 

~100% cotton “Face Scrubbies” are 100% adorable and a welcome addition to any bathroom vanity as a functional  work of art to be displayed! And at $1.50 each or 4/$5 they are a must have for everyone! 

~ Beautiful and long lasting cotton wash cloths in a variety of style and colors. $4 each

~ cotton hanging “Soap Saks”  in various styles and colors are also a great addition to the Tub/Shower and a beautiful way to keep the usually elusive bar soap handy and make that residual clump of remains stuck to the shower shelf or side of tub a thing of the past! At the affordable price of $5  and extension of the usable life of the bar of soap itself (new bar included in price) it pays for itself over and over! 

~ Gorgeous cotton “Spa Sets”  in a variety of colors and combinations are a fantastic gift for any occasion and for yourself as well!! Priced at $10 per set and below what a steal of a deal! 

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