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Whether you are an avid hunter, hiker or just want that added sense of safety for you and your family/children… this whistle is a great addition to your gear, emergency kit, bug out pack,  glove box or on your person/kids on an everyday basis. 

It has a compass on one side and a temperature gauge on the other and makes a loud sound to alert for help, for location when lost and to scare animals away be they2 legged or 4. 

Great investment especially at 

Only $4.99

Rolling Duffel Bags

One of a kind high quality hand crafted from sourcing to stitching by “The Fur Guy”.  This will keep you warm on the coldest of days and be a unique conversation piece at all times.

Only 1 more available at time of posting.

(pictures posted with permission of this happy customer and his purchase) 

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